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Unique formal gardens in Hauts-de-France

The Domaine de la Chartreuse is set in 6 hectares of beautiful woodland grounds and stunning formal gardens.  The atmosphere is truly unique providing a relaxing oasis to escape to.  

The design respects the traditional layout of some of the finest gardens in France, forming a natural extension to the château with a pathway leading you through the gardens.




An oasis of greenery and a sense of wonder

Harmony transpires through the shapes and sheer diversity of the gardens.  It is a delight to wander around the grounds (no less than 15000m²) designed symmetrically creating a continual succession of chambers.

If you are staying at the hotel, you will have plenty of time to stroll around the gravel paths, admire the flowerbeds which form a colourful carpet of embroidery throughout the seasons, and the amazing vegetable garden.  You will also find a pond and two tennis courts in the park.

If you choose to organise an event at the Domaine de la Chartreuse, the gardens offer the perfect backdrop for a cocktail or outdoor activity.

From the garden to your plate through integrated farming 

The hotel adopts an integrated farming approach so the fruit and vegetables from the garden of the Chartreuse du Val Saint Esprit are grown without pesticides and fertiliser.  Gardeners work throughout the seasons sowing and harvesting the very best tomatoes, marrows, cabbages, parsnips, artichokes, strawberries, asparagus, apples, pears and herbs which enhance the chef's creations, bringing out the original flavour of each ingredient.

The hives dotted around the estate and the work of the bees helps with the development and flowering of the plants in the garden.  The honey collected is on the breakfast menu and is also available to purchase.

In 2015, the vegetable garden at Domaine de la Chartreuse received an award from "Association Noé" for its biodiversity and nature conservation.


Self tour or guided tour 

The gardens are open to the general public.  Group visits can be organised from April to October from 9am to 6pm, pre-booking required.  

For further information you can contact us using the contact form on the website or phone us on + 33 (0)


  • 1 hour guided tour : 50€ (25 pers. maximum, or another guide will be required for an extra 50€ per hour).
  • 1 hour guided tour + 1 non-alcoholic drink: 7€/pers.
  • Self tour + 1 non-alcoholic drink : 5€/pers.
  • 1 hour guided tour + snack (1 hot drink + 1 home-made pastry, cookie or similar) : 12€/pers.

For information, contact us using the contact form on the website or phone us on + 33 (0)